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Fullmer Construction finished a new warehouse for FedEx, which already processes an average of 10.5 million shipments a day. The distribution center located in the city of Bell’s Pacific Business Center provides FedEx with 132,546 square feet of warehouse space and 4,785 square feet of office tenant improvements. With a clear height of 32 feet, Fullmer provided FedEx with a versatile warehouse for all their potential needs.

The project experienced complications resolved quickly and efficiently by Fullmer’s team preventing extensive project delay that would significantly raise the cost and completion time. Existing Southern California Edison power poles and overhead wires created the need for a two-phase lift. Concrete slabs size prevented a single lift due to the proximity of the power lines, so Fullmer completed a second lift after Edison buried the lines, all within a very tight completion date.

Inside the warehouse, Fullmer installed a full interior trench drain system allowing FedEx to clean the facility with high-pressure hoses. The building includes 14 trailer docks connected to chutes at the end of extensive automating racking for package processing.  Fullmer eliminated the need for cooling units by installing “Big Ass Fans” to circulate air inside the warehouse, lowering the facility operating costs. Vehicle charging stations in the parking lots also encourage the use of environmentally friendly transportation to the LEED Silver certified building.