Fullmer’s motto of 'Building Relationships' I believe has proven to be a key to their success. The other side to that coin is 'maintaining the relationships.' This has also proven to be a valuable component to our success as a company.

The fact that over 90% of our business is repeat business and/or a result of customer reference I think speaks volumes to the standards with which Fullmer Construction holds itself and its’ employees.

Customers are not an interruption to business, rather they are the reason for it.

I truly didn’t know that companies like this existed; where an Officer, Principal, boss, etc. asks you how you are doing and they actually care.

My favorite thing about working at Fullmer is our established relationships with subcontractors and clients and our honest approach towards acquiring projects.

I enjoy working for Fullmer because it is a family environment and I am able to practice professionalism in a calm, confident approach.

Fullmer has been the best company I have worked for as far as paying the subs. We always pay promptly and even if our payments are late, Fullmer has stepped up and paid the subs anyways.

Fullmer is family. They have always treated their employees like family. Fullmer is fair, honest and trustworthy, always on the up and up. I have been here a long, long time and would never even think about leaving.

My favorite thing about working at Fullmer is the pride I have in consistent customer satisfaction.