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In a move to better serve our clients, Fullmer is now offering LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Design services. Our goal is to provide a synergistic approach that will allow us to reduce the total cost to help owners achieve LEED® certifications with the USGBC (United States Green Building Council). In many instances an owner wishes to construct a “Green Building”; however, this goal can be costly considering all factors involved. Fullmer will help the owner achieve these goals by reducing related costs and helping the owner avoid costly unnecessary LEED® applicable items. Fullmer will manage all designers and contractors to make sure they are fulfilling obligations of the USGBC. Although Fullmer can not guarantee LEED® certification, we will direct the Owner and involved parties down the most appropriate path to best achieve this goal.

Listed below is a brief description of the service provided:

  • Act as the Project Administrator and be the point of contact with the USGBC.
  • Register project with USGBC and pay application fee.
  • Review the Owner’s Basis of Design requirement.
  • Track LEED® scorecards and update and verify that all prerequisites are met.
  • Maintain and manage LEED® website, coordinate and assign tasks to project team members.
  • Submit applications to USGBC for review and approval.
  • Request and review proposals for Commissioning Services as required to obtain certification.
  • One additional credit is awarded for having a LEED® AP on project team.

The following are projects that Fullmer has constructed, or are under construction, for LEED® certification:

  • Contessa Premium Foods, Commerce, CA. One Food Production Facility totaling 111,260 sq. ft. Achieved LEED® Gold Certification.
  • Interchange Buildings, San Bernardino, CA. Five concrete tilt-up buildings totaling 1,250,751 sq. ft. Achieved LEED® Silver Certification.
  • Perris Ridge (Hanesbrand Distribution Center), Perris CA. One concrete tilt-up building totaling 1,309,754 sq. ft. Achieved LEED® Certification.   Classified as one of the largest LEED® buildings in the world.
  • Global Access Lot 1 (Stirling), Victorville CA. One concrete tilt-up building totaling 296,000 sq. ft. Achieved LEED® Gold Certification.
  • California Highway Patrol Headquarters, Sacramento, CA. 287,544 sq. ft. Tenant Improvement and 11,000 sq. ft. expansion. Achieved LEED® Silver Certification.

Fullmer possesses the history, relationships and resources to fulfill all of the Owner’s construction requirements. This relationship will continue into the future with LEED® certified buildings. Please contact Fullmer for your future construction and LEED® certification needs.