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Fullmer is known throughout the industry for its quality office work. Expertise and competitive pricing set Fullmer apart in the industry. The Company’s estimating and management team integrate with the owners making certain that all projects are finalized with accurate and complete execution.

Stand Alone Offices Featured Project

Fullmer Construction achieved a key milestone in 2016 by bringing to completion the project with the longest timeframe in our history, Westlake Park Place. Located just off the 101 freeway in the beautiful Westlake Village business district near downtown Thousand Oaks, Westlake Park Place is the newest and most prestigious corporate headquarters development in the Conejo Valley.

Fullmer began construction back in 2006, with the first phase consisting of five steel-framed office buildings. These first structures range in size from 5,550 square feet and one story up to 102,012 square feet and four stories. At 238,674 total square feet, these buildings include prominent tenants such as Charles Schwab, Comerica Bank and First California Bank, among others.

The second phase broke ground toward the end of 2013, and completed in 2016 with three new buildings housing some of the most well-known corporations in the country – packaged fruit maker Dole Packaged Foods, Sugar Foods, and mortgage titan PennyMac all now feature their corporate headquarters here. Fullmer completed extensive, intricate state-of-the-art tenant improvements for each of those projects, as well. These three facilities stand at 222,774 total square feet.

The eight buildings total nearly 462,000 square feet, and finish up at over $66.5 million in contract value. With prime visibility in one of the more picturesque areas of Southern California, the development was built utilizing modern Mediterranean style architecture. Each facility features state-of-the-art energy-efficient mechanical, electrical and security systems. LEED certified, there are also multiple 577 kW solar features included in the parking areas, and building C (Dole Packaged Foods) offers secured parking complete with gates and badge entrance – the only secured parking of its kind in the complex.

Fullmer is extremely proud of this project. Westlake Park Place stands as the largest and most prominent addition to our office building portfolio to date, showcasing the ability of Fullmer Construction to not only bring to completion much more than the typical concrete tilt-up building, but to do so in unmatched fashion. 

Stand Alone Offices Sample Projects

Westlake Park Place was one of Fullmer's most exciting office projects. Completed in 2008 in Thousand Oaks, California, the five office buildings that were developed total over 200,000 square feet. One of the most unique developments architecturally, Fullmer is proud to have created an office space that speaks volumes to the direction Fullmer is moving in its office construction.

For over 3 decades, Fullmer has built our company projects throughout Southern California. They have earned the reputation of setting the standard for Industrial and Office construction. They have the distinction of providing excellence in construction while maintaining on-time delivery and bringing projects in on budget. We have asked Fullmer on numerous difficult projects to accomplish the impossible. They have never failed!! Their integrity and ideals are the foundation from which they have derived their incredible success.

-Robert J. Searles, Managing Member, Searles Property Group

Grove Business Park consists of five concrete tilt-up buildings, totaling more than 125,000 square feet. These office buildings were developed to house different types of tenants. One building, which stands at 50,055 square feet, combines both warehouse and office space to create an ideal location for a tenant needing the combination. The park is located in Ontario, on Grove Avenue between the 10 and 60 freeways.

This was one of Fullmer's smaller office projects, but architecturally and visually one of the most unique. Located in Rancho Cucamonga on Haven Avenue, the 25,500 square foot two-story tilt-up building is truly unique in look and feel, and the exterior façades and windows enable it to stand out.

This 50,000 square foot, two-story multi-tenant office building features an upgraded lobby, exterior canopies, a LEED compliant roofing system and enhanced concrete entries. These aspects give the building a unique footprint and makes for a very interesting corner featured facility.

California Plaza is located in Redlands, just off the 10 freeway.